Kanso Whiteboard by Artika - Katahashi


1- The Japanese word Kanso means just that. Simplicity, simplicity, the emptiness of the leftover elements.


This magnetic whiteboard is made following an emptiness concept. Is because of that the leg support and the wheels are empty but without giving up the strongness and stability


2-Is made by 100% recycled materials. Aluminum recycled and vegetable fibers body covered by a vitrifyed steel that gives magnetic properties


3- The main objectives was to create a kind of invisible legs with a detailed work on finishings and microtextures. The legs are able to place in any position and allows to place the board in landscape or vertical position and add more whiteboard like a wall together.


4- The product is assembled by an special center of disabled and old aged people and give work to people in risk of labor exclusion


5- This products matches with those people like interior designers and architects that looks for an invisible but detailed board for its meetings or creative sessions and gives the possibility to create spaces very quickly with and elegant space.


6- This products helps to the groups to organize meeting and creat walls and ephemeral spaces with a touch of quality and design .


7- Uses the emptiness wheels and a lighter structure in order to be enough stable but keeps the invisible image in the legs that gives the sensation that fleet


8- We learn alot about micro-texturing processes and special treatment that can be aplyed to bamboo or another vegetable mixings to be covered later by glassed steel cover.


Also learn about stability in a deep gravity center studio.


Whiteboard not included.

Shipping: 50€ Europe 120€ rest of the world

Kanso Whiteboard

2.600,00 €Price