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This word defines the spirit of minimalism and simplicity in which this space divider/magnetic board in vitrified steel with wheels and brake has been designed.


A new concept in the division of spaces in modern office or coworking environments allows to shape and organise the space in a flexible way, following the demand for "Smart Office" solutions. Thanks to its lightness, robust structure, easy mobility and modularity.


Its structure with wheeled base without spokes is made of stainless steel with a delicate micro-textured finish or painted in RAL colours on request.


The hollow base structure and hollow castors give it visual lightness while maintaining a structural robustness and a design that blends in with any space.


As an innovative element, unlike other room dividers or magnetic boards, its metal base structure allows the use of any panel of almost any size and material: Wood, textile or acoustic panel, hexagonal polycarbonate, technical panels, glass... of any brand, manufacturer or material on the market. It is so versatile that panels can be placed vertically, horizontally or even with irregular shapes.


Kanso combines multiple possible materials from the recycled HPDE panels of post-consumer caps, the transparencies of hexagonal panels, magnetic slate of vitrified steel, upholstered acoustic panels...


It makes it easy to compose and convert spaces into comfortable environments for teams and dynamic spaces.


The product is assembled and packaged by a special centre for the disabled and employs people at risk of labour exclusion.


This product fits both interior designers and architects or space lovers who are looking for a board that integrates into their space for their meetings or creative sessions and gives the possibility to create spaces very quickly with an elegant element.

Kanso Whiteboard

2.600,00 €Price
    • European Product Design Award
    • Delta Mention
  • 50€ Europe 120€ rest of the world

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